​Our company speializes in roadside assistance and breakdown service

​B and H Fleet Services

​Here is a list of some of our services:        ​​

⦁ Truck and Trailer Tire Repair/Replace
⦁ Wheel Bearing Repair
⦁ Drive Line Repair
⦁ Trailer Repairir
⦁ Minor Engine Repair
⦁ Trailer Refrigeration Repair

     ⦁ Mobile Fueling Delivery up to 25 Gallons
​Fuel Filter Replacement
   ⦁ Lock Out Service
⦁ Lift gate Repair
⦁ Mud Flap Replacement
⦁ Hydraulics
⦁ Suspension
⦁ Electrical and Lighting
⦁ Starters, Alternators, Batteries
⦁ Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
⦁ Air Conditioning
⦁ Regen
⦁ Air leaks, Air line repair, Air bag replacement
⦁ Breaks, Break Chamb

​Also work on RV'S, Campers, Buses, Car Trailers
​Personal Vechiles( car, truck, van, etc.)